Keep Holdin' On

Nov 08

Anonymous said: Why should I care about my own life. None of my friends really talk to me anymore, even if I try to start conversations with them, I'm attempting to do a Let's Play and the guy co-commentating just belittles me and doesn't try to help by 'bouncing' the conversation, no one cares about what happens to me, no one trys to talk to me, I'm seen as an ugly disgusting fool, all I have are my computers, video games, tabletop gmes like Magic (which was widely played after I left my first High) <cont>

There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s not your fault that people treat you this way, it’s their fault for being stuck up and not seeing the great person that you are. I know it can be hard but you have to try to ignore people who want to bring you down because I can promise you they are wrong. I’m also going to post the other parts of your question so people can see the whole thing.

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